BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
master3px borders for better visual focus feedbackDuncaen13 months
6.1dwm-6.1.tar.gz  Hiltjo Posthuma4 years
6.0dwm-6.0.tar.gz  anselm@garbe.us8 years
5.9dwm-5.9.tar.gz  garbeam@gmail.com9 years
5.8.2dwm-5.8.2.tar.gz  Anselm R Garbe10 years
5.8.1dwm-5.8.1.tar.gz  Anselm R Garbe10 years
5.8dwm-5.8.tar.gz  anselm@garbe.us10 years
5.7.2dwm-5.7.2.tar.gz  Anselm R Garbe10 years
5.7.1dwm-5.7.1.tar.gz  Anselm R Garbe10 years
5.7dwm-5.7.tar.gz  Anselm R Garbe10 years
5.6.1dwm-5.6.1.tar.gz  Anselm R Garbe11 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2006-11-28extended dwm.1 with last change2.4arg@mig291-1/+1
2006-11-28togglefloat should only work in dotile mode (thanks to Sander for this hint)arg@mig291-1/+1
2006-11-27applied Alex Elide's tricky patch, thanks!arg@mig291-1/+0
2006-11-27returning to old Key structarg@mig293-68/+65
2006-11-27applied Szabolcs Nagy's patch (thank you!)arg@mig291-1/+1
2006-11-27applied patch by Jukkaarg@mig291-1/+1
2006-11-27changing Key.func into Key.func[NFUNCS], this allows sequences execution of f...arg@mig293-69/+72
2006-11-27added man page entryarg@mig292-1/+4
2006-11-27added togglefloat to hg tip (i consider this useful for some cases), using MO...arg@mig294-0/+11
2006-11-27applied Jukka's patch preventing some cornercases and making the EOF error me...arg@mig291-1/+2