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authorarg@10ksloc.org <unknown>2006-08-03 12:12:26 +0200
committerarg@10ksloc.org <unknown>2006-08-03 12:12:26 +0200
commitb35575574be53a1b3be42d7037d2f432a19a3890 (patch)
tree6be2344c68ec6590fa816bbd578e0f36fe21c0b8 /dwm.h
parent666b4563a0064dd7aa27159813124837d306f81c (diff)
removed TLast tag enum, now tags is simple defined as char *[] array, the rest is calculated correctly, rules take an int array for the tags
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1 files changed, 3 insertions, 2 deletions
diff --git a/dwm.h b/dwm.h
index c44da29..25971ac 100644
--- a/dwm.h
+++ b/dwm.h
@@ -60,16 +60,17 @@ struct Client {
unsigned int border;
Bool isfloat;
Bool ismax;
- Bool tags[TLast];
+ Bool *tags;
Client *next;
Client *prev;
Window win;
Window title;
-extern const char *tags[TLast];
+extern const char *tags[];
extern char stext[1024];
extern int tsel, screen, sx, sy, sw, sh, bx, by, bw, bh, mw;
+extern unsigned int ntags;
extern void (*handler[LASTEvent])(XEvent *);
extern void (*arrange)(Arg *);
extern Atom wmatom[WMLast], netatom[NetLast];