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* merged tile.c again into dwm.canselm@anselm12008-05-191-102/+0
* improving space usage if master is left of stack (default)Anselm R Garbe2008-05-191-3/+5
* updateAnselm R Garbe2008-05-191-4/+0
* updatetilegeom should be fine for setmfactAnselm R Garbe2008-05-191-1/+1
* recent changes, introduced togglebar, changed some defines into variable decl...Anselm R Garbe2008-05-191-6/+7
* s/tilegeom/updatetilegeom/Anselm R Garbe2008-05-171-16/+16
* moved all tile()-related stuff into tile.c which is included from config.def....Anselm R Garbe2008-05-171-0/+103
* micromizing dwm step 1Anselm R. Garbe2007-09-151-85/+0
* introduced new define RESIZEHINTS, which allows to enable/disable size hint h...Anselm R. Garbe2007-09-091-1/+1
* prepared 4.4.1 bugfix and minor feature enhancement release4.4.1Anselm R. Garbe2007-08-261-2/+1
* applied Gottox mwfact patchAnselm R. Garbe2007-08-181-8/+7
* applied Jukka Salmi's setmwfact patchAnselm R. Garbe2007-08-171-5/+11
* applied Jukka's patchAnselm R. Garbe2007-08-161-1/+3
* small bugfixAnselm R. Garbe2007-08-131-1/+1
* made tile simplierAnselm R. Garbe2007-08-131-23/+20
* made Layout a static struct in layout.c, added some convenience getters in la...Anselm R. Garbe2007-08-131-9/+4
* renamed MASTER into MWFACT, master into mwfact, and incmaster into addtomwfactAnselm R. Garbe2007-08-121-7/+6
* separated layout-specific stuff into separate .h and .c files which are inclu...Anselm R. Garbe2007-08-111-0/+88
* merged tag.c, view.c and tile.c to manage.cAnselm R. Garbe2007-02-191-131/+0
* added some new convenience functionsAnselm R. Garbe2007-02-191-4/+1
* some more refactoringAnselm R. Garbe2007-02-191-2/+4
* introduced tile.c, some refactoring of functionsAnselm R. Garbe2007-02-191-0/+132