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mmsg.7: document new selectors
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diff --git a/man/mmsg.7 b/man/mmsg.7
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--- a/man/mmsg.7
+++ b/man/mmsg.7
@@ -57,6 +57,13 @@ If the sequence does not contain a
it is considered to be a single message, equivalent to the range
.Sq Ar start Ns Cm \&: Ns Ar start
of size one.
+The special notation
+.Sq Ar start Ns Cm \&:+ Ns Ar n ,
+.Ar start
+and the next
+.Ar n
If the sequence is threaded, the following
syntax may be used:
@@ -72,7 +79,7 @@ refers to the subthread headed by
.Ar msg
(i.e. all messages below with more indentation).
-There are four special shortcuts:
+There are seven special shortcuts:
.Bl -tag -width 3n
.It Sq Li \&.
refers to the current message.
@@ -90,6 +97,15 @@ refers to the previous message (like
.It Sq Li \&$
refers to the last message (like
.Sq Li -1 ) .
+.It Sq Li \&^
+refers to the current parent message (like
+.Sq Li \&.^ ) .
+.It Sq Li \&=
+refers to the current thread (like
+.Sq Li \&.= ) .
+.It Sq Li \&_
+refers to the current subthread (like
+.Sq Li \&._ ) .
.An Leah Neukirchen Aq Mt leah@vuxu.org