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Changes to mthread.1
- Sprinkle some commas - passed -> specified - 'the' standard input - 'one per line' - 'in case' -> 'if' - Flesh out -S outbox example Closes: #67 [via git-merge-pr]
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@@ -11,20 +11,20 @@
.Op Ar msgs\ ...
-groups messages together in parent/child relationships based on
+groups messages together in parent/child relationships, based on
which messages are replies to which others.
.Xr mmsg 7
for the message argument syntax.
-If no messages are passed,
+If no messages are specified,
-will read filenames from standard input,
+will read filenames from the standard input,
or use the default sequence if used interactively.
-prints the threaded messages line by line, indented according to their
-depth in the message tree.
+prints the threaded messages one per line,
+indented according to their depth in the message tree.
Unresolved Message-IDs are printed as-is.
The options are as follows:
@@ -34,12 +34,13 @@ Do not prune unresolved Message-IDs at the top-level.
.It Fl S Ar msg
.Ar msg
-as optional message(s) that will be added to threads only in case they
+as optional message(s) that will be added to threads only if they
are referenced.
Threads where all messages are optional are suppressed.
You can use
.Fl S
-to add outbox folders and complete threads where your replies were missing.
+to add an outbox folder, for example,
+completing threads where your replies were missing.
.Ex -std