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* rfc2045: return 0 when no body is found in blaze822_mime_bodyChristian Neukirchen2016-07-141-1/+2
* rfc2045: new parameter for blaze822_mime_body to allow freeing of new chunkChristian Neukirchen2016-07-131-4/+9
* rfc2045: blaze822_mime_body: zero output fields when no body is thereChristian Neukirchen2016-07-131-1/+4
* rfc2045: blaze822_multipart: \0 also terminates boundaryChristian Neukirchen2016-07-131-1/+1
* rfc2045: fix crlf after boundaryChristian Neukirchen2016-07-131-1/+3
* add rfc2045 and multipart decodingChristian Neukirchen2016-07-131-0/+131