acme-client-portableUnoffical port of acme-client from OpenBSDs releases.21 months
alsa-sndioALSA PCM to play audio on sndio servers3 years
dwmExtremely fast, small, and dynamic window manager for X - personal fork3 years
extrace-openbsdTrace exec calls system-wide - Fork for openbsd3 years
lobasePort of the OpenBSD userland to Linux3 years
m3utilsA set of Unix utilities to manage media files3 years
mblazeUnix utilities to deal with Maildir2 years
opendoasA portable version of the OpenBSD doas command9 months
playgroundSandbox, container or whatever utilities for linux
stSimple terminal emulator for X - personal fork3 years
void-s6-rc[no description]
dotfilesPortable configuration files and utility scripts for Linux and OpenBSD7 months
git.duncano.deMy cgit configuration3 years