BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterfirefox: update GUI modifications to work with current versionDuncan Overbruck0 min.
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
0 min.firefox: update GUI modifications to work with current versionHEADmasterDuncan Overbruck1-17/+59
0 min.vim: add janet pluginDuncan Overbruck2-0/+3
0 min.sv/gpg-agent: initial importDuncan Overbruck2-0/+17
0 min.vim: create undo, swap and backup directoriesDuncan Overbruck1-5/+17
0 min.sv/ssh-agent: discard stdoutDuncan Overbruck1-0/+1
0 min.remove notes.mdDuncan Overbruck1-38/+0
0 min.install-new.sh: addDuncan Overbruck1-0/+63
0 min.config/sh: updateDuncan Overbruck1-19/+30
0 min.tmux: move to configDuncan Overbruck1-0/+0
0 min.yash: move to configDuncan Overbruck3-114/+110