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dwm is a dynamic window manager for X11.
+ <h3>Philosophy</h3>
+ <p>
+ As founder and main developer of wmii I came to the conclusion that
+ wmii is too clunky for my needs. I don't need so many funky features
+ and all this hype about remote control through a 9P service, I only
+ want to manage my windows in a simple, but dynamic way. wmii never got
+ finished because I listened to users, who proposed arbitrary ideas I
+ considered useful. This resulted in an extreme <a href="http://www.jwz.org/doc/cadt.html">CADT model</a>
+ of developmentwhich was basically my mistake. Thus the philosophy of
+ dwm is to fit my needs. That's it.
+ </p>
<h3>Differences to wmii</h3
In contrast to wmii, dwm is only a window manager, and nothing else.