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* added Acroread.* and MPlayer.* to config.arg.h rulesarg@10ksloc.org0 min.1-0/+2
* made fullscreen apps working fine in floating mode (there is no sane way to m...arg@10ksloc.org0 min.1-9/+9
* applied Sanders patches (numlock2)arg@10ksloc.org0 min.1-2/+2
* renamed ARRANGE into DEFMODEarg@10ksloc.org0 min.1-2/+1
* removed 5LOCarg@10ksloc.org0 min.1-8/+6
* cleaned config.*h to prevent some confusionarg@10ksloc.org0 min.1-2/+1
* fixed config.h filesarg@10ksloc.org0 min.1-2/+1
* centralized/externalized configuration to config.harg@10ksloc.org0 min.1-0/+76