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* implemented class:inst:title matchingAnselm R. Garbe0 min.1-3/+3
* applied zero_to_five patchAnselm R. Garbe0 min.1-5/+5
* fixed default key bindings (indexes of tags were screwed up)Anselm R. Garbe0 min.1-20/+20
* removed DEFTAGAnselm R. Garbe0 min.1-2/+1
* applied the shorter xprop commandAnselm R.Garbe0 min.1-1/+1
* removed leading ;Anselm R.Garbe0 min.1-1/+1
* added sample command to config.default.h to highlight how to query class:inst...Anselm R.Garbe0 min.1-0/+2
* applied jk_to_tab patchAnselm R.Garbe0 min.1-17/+17
* removed NUMLOCKMASK, added dynamically calculated numlockmask insteadAnselm R.Garbe0 min.1-1/+0
* changed replacetag into toggletagAnselm R.Garbe0 min.1-10/+10
* removed viewnext/viewprevAnselm R.Garbe0 min.1-2/+0
* made shortcuts like proposed by Sander, renamed viewextend to toggleview (mor...Anselm R.Garbe0 min.1-10/+10
* implemented viewextend and added M-S-C-n shortcuts for extending the current ...Anselm R.Garbe0 min.1-26/+31
* readded border color, this sucks leastAnselm R.Garbe0 min.1-0/+1
* removed unnecessary border colorAnselm R.Garbe0 min.1-1/+0
* switched to regexp matching for Rulesarg@10ksloc.org0 min.1-4/+3
* fixed a bug in dmenu callarg@10ksloc.org0 min.1-3/+0
* using execl now, argv changed, using cmd and const char defs directly in the ...arg@10ksloc.org0 min.1-2/+4
* s/tag2/two/garg@10ksloc.org0 min.1-2/+2
* stylistic chnagearg@10ksloc.org0 min.1-2/+2
* removed TLast tag enum, now tags is simple defined as char *[] array, the res...arg@10ksloc.org0 min.1-27/+21
* changed Client->tags and Rule->tags to be Bool (I'll also try to remove the T...arg@10ksloc.org0 min.1-2/+2
* changing MASTERW value from 52 to 60 (in both, default and arg), I feel this ...arg@10ksloc.org0 min.1-1/+1
* removed the CONFIG variable from config.mk, renamed config.h into config.defa...arg@10ksloc.org0 min.1-0/+62