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* made fullscreen apps working fine in floating mode (there is no sane way to m...arg@10ksloc.org0 min.1-9/+8
* renamed ARRANGE into DEFMODEarg@10ksloc.org0 min.1-1/+1
* centralized/externalized configuration to config.harg@10ksloc.org0 min.1-18/+4
* applied Jukkas prev/next patch with XK_{h,l}arg@10ksloc.org0 min.1-0/+14
* applied Sanders patchesarg@10ksloc.org0 min.1-0/+4
* committed a patch which fixes the hints of Jukkaarg@10ksloc.org0 min.1-4/+4
* some cleanups/fixes inspired by Jukka Salmi's feedbackarg@10ksloc.org0 min.1-6/+1
* sanitization of several clunky stuff, removed heretag (rarely of use), simpli...arg@10ksloc.org0 min.1-22/+4
* using double-linked list in order to get correct prev focus handlingarg@10ksloc.org0 min.1-0/+7
* cleaned the CUSTOMIZE flagsarg@10ksloc.org0 min.1-3/+5
* made status bar drawing more robust, implemented togglemax and togglemode, wo...arg@10ksloc.org0 min.1-2/+9
* cleaned up codearg@10ksloc.org0 min.1-4/+5
* removed c->f{x,y,w,h} and c->t{x,y,w,h} in favor for the new rule handling re...arg@10ksloc.org0 min.1-18/+16
* implemented regexp matching for rulesarg@10ksloc.org0 min.1-12/+28
* implemented fallback for too many clients in stacked modearg@10ksloc.org0 min.1-1/+7
* applied Sanders resize patch, fixed lower bugarg@10ksloc.org0 min.1-3/+3
* firefox instance is different nowarg@mmvi0 min.1-1/+1
* implemened distinguishing float/managed geometries of clients (works quite well)Anselm R. Garbe0 min.1-13/+16
* pop on heretagAnselm R. Garbe0 min.1-1/+1
* added heretag command which allows to tag a client of a foreign tag with curr...Anselm R. Garbe0 min.1-4/+23
* ordered variables in structs and source files alphabeticallyAnselm R. Garbe0 min.1-11/+10
* several additions in mouse handling ;)Anselm R. Garbe0 min.1-4/+4
* proceeded with cleaning up, sorting functions, etcAnselm R. Garbe0 min.1-55/+63
* rearranged several stuffAnselm R. Garbe0 min.1-0/+171