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+# OpenDoas: a portable version of OpenBSD's `doas` command
+`doas` is a minimal replacement for the venerable `sudo`. It was
+initially [written by Ted Unangst](http://www.tedunangst.com/flak/post/doas)
+of the OpenBSD project to provide 95% of the features of `sudo` with a
+fraction of the codebase.
+This is still a work in progress! Please do not deploy yet in a critical
+environment! Of note, `doas` semantics may yet change, and I haven't
+completed PAM integration yet!
+## Building and installing
+Building `doas` should be just a simple `make` away.
+The included makefile also has an installation target. Installation
+requires root access to properly set the executable permissions. You'll
+also need to install a `doas.conf` file:
+make && sudo make install
+echo "permit :admin" | sudo tee /etc/doas.conf
+Oh the irony, using `sudo` to install `doas`!
+## About the port
+As much as possible I've attempted to stick to `doas` as tedu desired
+it. As things stand it's essentially just code lifted from OpenBSD with
+PAM based authentication glommed on to it.
+I've used cvsync and git-cvsimport to retain the history of the core
+source files. I may choose to go back and do the same with some of the
+compatibility functions (such as reallocarray.c).
+I have found it necessary to make some fixes to the codebase. One was
+a segfault due to differences in yacc/bison, others were just minor
+fixes to warnings. Once this appears stable, I may try to upstream some
+of these.
+Currently, this is only tested on MacOSX 10.10 with Clang. My next goal
+is support for Fedora Linux as well. Contributions gladly accepted. ;-)
+## Copyright
+All code from OpenBSD is licensed under the BSD license, please see
+individual files for details as the specific text varies from file to
+All code I've written is licensed with the 2-clause BSD.