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* remove includes.h and move the prototypes to doas.hDuncan Overbruck0 min.1-0/+14
* Add nolog option to avoid syslog(3)kn0 min.1-0/+1
* setusercontext resets PATH (which we want). but then it becomes impossible to...tedu0 min.1-0/+2
* redo the environment inheritance to not inherit. it was intended to make life...tedu0 min.1-1/+4
* prepenv can take a const ruletedu0 min.1-1/+1
* move yyparse decl next to yyfptedu0 min.1-2/+0
* as a result of the env rework, arraylen() is only used in parse.y. move it th...tedu0 min.1-2/+0
* use static in the right places to seperate modules better ok teduderaadt0 min.1-1/+19
* add support for the verified auth ioctls using 'persist' rules. ok deraadt he...tedu0 min.1-0/+1
* Move the RB_ code from doas.h to env.c, and limit the environment interface t...martijn0 min.1-20/+2
* the environment handling code was showing its age. just because environ is a ...tedu0 min.1-0/+19
* Revert "sync with upstream (setenv)"Duncaen0 min.1-3/+1
* sync with upstream (setenv)Duncaen0 min.1-1/+3
* Further improve syntax error reporting in doas:Vadim Zhukov0 min.1-1/+2
* Add argument matching support to doas.Vadim Zhukov0 min.1-1/+2
* Add RCS ID.Brian Callahan0 min.1-0/+1
* import doas. still subject to changes, large and small.Ted Unangst0 min.1-0/+20