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* remove includes.h and move the prototypes to doas.hDuncan Overbruck0 min.1-0/+1
* libopenbsd: clean up readpassphrase compat and fix ifdefsDuncan Overbruck0 min.1-2/+2
* use config.h and link objects instead of libopenbsd.aDuncan Overbruck0 min.1-0/+18
* move HOST_NAME_MAX to the top and add it to shadow.cDuncan Overbruck0 min.1-0/+4
* shadow: clear phassphrase earlierDuncaen0 min.1-3/+1
* shadow: clear the password even after a mismatchDuncaen0 min.1-2/+7
* doas: remove unnecessary configure checks, move shadow to its own fileDuncaen0 min.1-0/+83