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* remove includes.h and move the prototypes to doas.hDuncan Overbruck0 min.1-1/+2
* use config.h and link objects instead of libopenbsd.aDuncan Overbruck0 min.1-0/+18
* timestamp.c: remove warning for normal casev6.6.1Duncan Overbruck0 min.1-3/+2
* timestamp.c: check fstat(2) instead of separate stat(2)Duncan Overbruck0 min.1-3/+2
* timestamp.c: correctly NUL terminate buffer read from /proc/pid/statDuncan Overbruck0 min.1-4/+7
* timestamp.c: add some more error/warning messagesDuncan Overbruck0 min.1-6/+19
* timestamp.c: already return on 22th field of /proc/ppid/statDuncan Overbruck0 min.1-4/+2
* timestamp: simplifyDuncan Overbruck0 min.1-220/+81
* timestamp: error out if fstat and lstat st_ino and st_dev are not the sameDuncan Overbruck0 min.1-10/+34
* timestamp: rename and simplifyDuncaen0 min.1-0/+399